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  • Fiber Clean Tools Series

    Contact NowFiber Clean Tools Series(1). CT-01 Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen
    (2). CT-02 Fiber Optic Cassette Cleaner
    (3). CT-04 MPO Fiber Optic Cleaner
    (4). CT-05 Fiber Cleaning Wipes Cloth
    (5). CT-06 Fiber End Face Cleaning Wipes
    (6). CT-07 Compressed Air Duster Cleaner Can
    (7). CT-08 Fiber Cleaning Sticks
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  • SAT-3C04 Optical Visual Fault Locator

    Contact NowSAT-3C04 Optical Visual Fault Locator(1). Identifying fiber breaks, bend, splices, and other loss fault
    (2). Large power up to 650nm red laser
    (3). Transmitting continuous light or 1 Hz modulated light
    (4). Pen-shaped design, small size, light weight, easy to use
    (5). 2.5nm universal connectors
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  • China Heldhold OTDR factory price

    Contact NowChina Heldhold OTDR factory price(1).Handheld, light weight and convenient for carrying
    (2). It has auto test, manual test and real time test
    (3). Speed curve analysis, and multiple curves comparison
    (4). 1.6m extra-short event dead zone
    (5). Visual fault locating (VFL)
    (6). Universal FC/SC/ST connector type
    (7). USB interface supports USB...
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  • China OTDR with factory price

    Contact NowChina OTDR with factory price(1). Build-in VFL
    (2). Mini USB interface
    (3). Optical power meter(Optional)
    (4). 5 Inch Large LCD touch screen
    (5). 832g Ultra-light in weight
    (6). Large data storage 16GB SD card
    (7). Max 35dB/37dB high dynamic range
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  • China PON optical power meter for sale with factory price

    Contact NowChina PON optical power meter for sale with factory price(1). Automated PASS/FAIL assessment
    (2). Quick and efficient visual inspection
    (3). Providing distinct power values for 1310nm,1490nm,1550nm
    (4). Pass through measurement
    (5). Manual calibration
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  • Optical power meter supplier with factory price

    Contact NowOptical power meter supplier with factory price(1). LED Light
    (2). Wide measurement range
    (3). High resolution
    (4). SM or MM applications
    (5). 2.5mm universal connector
    (6). ​850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm
    (7). Auto power off (can be cancelled)
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