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  • China PON optical power meter for sale with factory price

    Contact NowChina PON optical power meter for sale with factory price(1). Automated PASS/FAIL assessment
    (2). Quick and efficient visual inspection
    (3). Providing distinct power values for 1310nm,1490nm,1550nm
    (4). Pass through measurement
    (5). Manual calibration
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  • China OTDR with factory price

    Contact NowChina OTDR with factory price(1). Build-in VFL
    (2). Mini USB interface
    (3). Optical power meter(Optional)
    (4). 5 Inch Large LCD touch screen
    (5). 832g Ultra-light in weight
    (6). Large data storage 16GB SD card
    (7). Max 35dB/37dB high dynamic range
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  • China/ Aitelong/SAT-17M Handheld Mini Fusion Splicer/ Factory

    Contact NowChina/ Aitelong/SAT-17M Handheld Mini Fusion Splicer/ Factory(1) Ultra-slim FTTX fusion splicer
    (2) 10S splicing and 9S heating
    (3) 200X magnification
    (4) 3.5” high resolution color LCD
    (5) 4500mAh integrated battery
    (6) Up to 120 cycles splicing & heating
    (7) Interchangeable universal holder
    (8) High accuracy cleaver
    (9) The smallest and most affordable...
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  • China Heldhold OTDR factory price

    Contact NowChina Heldhold OTDR factory price(1).Handheld, light weight and convenient for carrying
    (2). It has auto test, manual test and real time test
    (3). Speed curve analysis, and multiple curves comparison
    (4). 1.6m extra-short event dead zone
    (5). Visual fault locating (VFL)
    (6). Universal FC/SC/ST connector type
    (7). USB interface supports USB...
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  • SAT-1AS E1 Tester

    Contact NowSAT-1AS E1 Tester(1). Smart auto configuration feature
    (2). Service-interrupted error testing
    (3). On-line service error testing
    (4). Pattern slip testing
    (5). Pass through testing
    (6). Audio frequency testing
    (7). Voice monitoring
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  • E1 and datacom tester

    Contact NowE1 and datacom tester(1). G.703 Test and Jitter Test
    (2). Applications for E1
    (3). Applications for Datacom
    (4). Applications for Co-directional 64Kbit/s
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