SAT-1AS E1 Tester

SAT-1AS E1 Tester

(1). Smart auto configuration feature
(2). Service-interrupted error testing
(3). On-line service error testing
(4). Pattern slip testing
(5). Pass through testing
(6). Audio frequency testing
(7). Voice monitoring


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SAT-1AS E1 Tester

Key Features

(1). 5 inch LCD with backlight, the largest screen in the industry

(2). Handheld, rugged design, easy to operation

(3). Particular history and real-time LED indicator design, find troubles more


(4). Smart auto configuration feature

(5). Alarm and Histogram analysis for troubleshooting

(6). Multi-task operation at the same time

(7). Store 20 test results and 9 test configurations, with power-off memory

(8). Automatically power on/off testing by programmable timer

(9). Powerful PC software supports download results to PC,analysis,report 

      generation,printing etc.

(10). Software updating

Key Functions

(1). Service-interrupted error testing

(2). On-line service error testing

(3). Framed and unframed signals generation and reception

(4). 2Mbit/s unframed error performance testing

(5). 2Mbit/s framed N×64Kbit/s channel error testing

(6). Bit error, coding error, frame error, CRC error and E-bit error testing

(7). Signal loss alarm, AIS alarm, framed remote alarm, multi-framed remote 

       alarm, out-of-frame, and pattern loss alarm

(8). Frequency offset transmitting

(9). Voice channel signal level and frequency testing

(10). Pattern slip testing

(11). Pass through testing

(12). Audio frequency testing

(13). Voice monitoring

(14). Signal state display, Voice channel content display, Voice channel busy / idle 


(15). Alarm and error histogram analysis

(16). Time slot content analysis, drop and insert signal on each time slot

(17). Framed content analysis

(18). G. 821/G. 826/M. 2100 performance analysis

(19). Multi errors and alarms inserting

(20). Three input modes (terminating, bridging and monitoring)

(21). Provides two clock options (internal and picking-up);

General Specifications

(1). Power supply

          a.  Special power adapter

                Input: AC220V 50Hz

               Output: DC 9V 1.2A

          b. Internal rechargeable battery 4000mAh, 6V nickel-hydrogen 

              rechargeable battery

          c. Working time: 8 hours

          d. Charging: 8 hours at power-off state, and 12 hours at power-on state

(2).  Dimension and weight  

         L×W×H: 220×162×48 (mm),   950g

(3). Ambient parameters

          a. Operation temperature: -10~+50℃

          b. Storage temperature: -30~+70℃  

          c. Humidity: 5%~90%, non-condensing



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